A Brief History


A California native, some of my earliest memories include plucking black bass, crappie, and catfish from golf course ponds, trout from the city reservoir. During youthful summers spent in Hawaii, I befriended local fishermen who taught me Hawaiian style shore casting "whipping and dunking” for jack, trevally, moi, and bonefish.

 My uncle ran sport-fishing boats out of San Diego, CA. When I was old enough, he introduced me to California style inshore and blue water fishing for calico bass, barracuda, yellowtail amber jack, and tuna. Those boats are mayhem when the bite is hot. Scrambling fishermen two deep along the rail. Screaming drags, snapped rods, howls of Hook Up! My first saltwater rod was a tiny, custom wrapped Sabre BH-1 with a Newel 220 reel. A gift for my 10th birthday. A prized possession to this day.  

My father loved boats, primarily for purposes of mischief. As a young wild man in Maine. Later in life he mellowed somewhat, after moving to Maui fulltime, he bought a boat and took up big game sport fishing. Eventually becoming commercially licensed, and a council member of the Maui Sport Fishing Club. Never one to be outdone, he fished hard, and had many impressive tuna, trevally, mahi, and billfish catches to his credit in local tournaments. Our freezer was never empty.

My own fishing obsession has waxed and waned through the years. After settling down with my wife in 2014, there was a need to replace my bachelor past-times with more wholesome endeavors. I began spending my days off scouting the Tokyo Bay shoreline for seabass and bream. 

Fly tying has become a passion. It’s meditative, creative, and rewarding. Fly fishing is now my preferred way to fish by far, and the ethics of catch & release, and fishery stewardship resonates with me. However, I’m certainly not above slinging a jig or plug when the conditions warrant it.

My personal catches in calendar year 2016 include:

Carp, barbel, snakehead, seabass, cornet, Pacific Redfin maruta, trevally, fugu, catfish, smallmouth bass, honeycomb grouper, cornet, bluegill, innumerable trees, my own ass ..more than once. 

mahi mahi, seabass, jack crevalle, bluefin trevally, golden trevally, goatfish, stingray, cornet, maruta, mullet

Looking forward to a productive 2016 with GT, and triggerfish at the top of my ‘Must Catch’ List. Im free most Mon/Tues for day or evening outings in and around Tokyo, by boat or on land. Found a new carping creek? Planning a Seabass or offshore charter? Inspired to chase something more exotic like snakehead, Piraña? I’m good to go!